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Calming and Immune Support 20% OFF

Calming and Immune Support 20% OFF

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Directions for Daily Use:

Up to 25 lbs: 1 Soft Chew

26 - 75 lbs lbs: 2 Soft Chews

76+ lbs: 3 Soft Chews

Comfort your snub-nosed pet with Snubbies CALMING & IMMUNE SUPPORT soft chews, specially formulated for brachycephalic dogs.

Our natural blend of chamomile, colostrum, melatonin, and ginger root powder helps support balanced behavior and immune system health, while BC30 probiotics and Wellmune β-glucans maintain GI tract health and overall immune support.

These soft chews promote relaxation without sedation during thunderstorms, travel, and other environmental stressors. They also help with motion sickness and upset stomachs and can aid in reducing destructive or aggressive behavior caused by stress. Snubbies CALMING & IMMUNE SUPPORT soft chews are highly palatable with a natural beef flavor and available in 60-count bottles for small, medium, or large dogs.

Made in the USA with premium ingredients from around the world.  Show gratitude for your furry family member.

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