I am Snubbies Co-Founder and CEO, Brian Devening.  Snubbies was born out of the love and gratitude for snub-nosed dog breeds.  I’ve had the privilege of having English Bulldogs for almost 30 years- Butkus, Ruby, Gordo, Pretty Girl and Lunchbox.  

I almost can’t express in words how much love, loyalty, and companionship these wonderful creatures have given me for the last three decades of my life.  They each have their own distinct personalities coupled with the whimsical, proud, and loyal traits of the English Bulldog breed. 
Unfortunately, many of the behavioral and physical traits developed over centuries comes at a cost.   Bulldogs like other snub-nosed breeds  have higher health maintenance needs than most other types of dog breeds.   
I partnered with Chris Glaser who is the co-founder of animal health data analytics firm Focus Technology Group.   In early 2022, we commissioned a study of over 300 real snub-nosed dog owners to determine the concerns and preferences they had for their snub-nosed dog’s health.  This is a proud community of dog owners that only want the best products to keep their dog’s health consistently great.  
From this study, the first line of Snubbies dog health supplements was created.  We designed  products that we would give to our own dogs.  We look forward to providing premium products to a growing community of snub-nosed dog owners and lovers.  
We also look forward to giving back to these breeds that have given so much to us by donating product and cash to many rescue organizations that focus on snub-nosed (brachycephalic) breeds.
I am thankful for all the veterinarians, breeders, and dog owners I have met throughout this journey. 
We’d love to hear your Snubbies story too!
—Brian Devening

Pretty Girl


Gordo & Ruby