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Snubbies fields lots of questions from dog owners asking if other breeds aside from snub-nosed (brachycephalic) can benefit from Snubbies supplements.  The answer is absolutely! 

As a dog owner, you want to ensure that your furry friend is healthy, happy, and thriving. For brachycephalic dog breeds, such as pugs, bulldogs, and boxers, this can be particularly challenging, given their unique anatomy and higher incidence of health issues. That's why Snubbies dog supplements were designed with these breeds in mind, to help address their specific health needs. However, Snubbies can be taken effectively for all dog breeds. 

Brachycephalic dogs have a short, flattened skull shape, which can lead to a variety of health issues, including respiratory problems, eye infections, skin irritation, and joint pain. These dogs also tend to have higher nutritional and health requirements than other breeds, which is where Snubbies comes in.

Snubbies is a specialized dog supplement that contains a variety of nutrients and ingredients that are specifically tailored to address the needs of brachycephalic dogs.  However, these needs are not exclusive to brachycephalic breeds, but develop with higher frequency and severity.

Snubbies products contain natural ingredients that are beneficial for the immune heath and targeted health needs of all dogs.   Snubbies immunity blend with Wellmune® and BC30™ also support gut health, digestion and immunity for all canines.

While Snubbies was designed with brachycephalic dogs in mind, it can be taken effectively by all dog breeds. Whether you have a large breed dog, a mixed breed, or a dog with no known health issues.  Snubbies can help support their health and well-being.  We love all dogs!

So, if you're looking for a way to give your furry friend an extra boost of nutrition and support, consider giving Snubbies a try. With its specialized formula and high-quality ingredients, it's a great way to ensure that your dog is getting the nutrients they need to thrive, no matter what breed they are.

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