The Most (and Least) Dog-Loving States

The Most (and Least) Dog-Loving States

The Most (and Least) Dog-Loving States

Americans have a deep love for their furry friends. But which states top the charts in expressing their affection toward man's best friend? In our search for the answer, we've dug into the data to reveal which U.S. states show the most—and least—dog love, according to social sentiment.


List of states ranked on how much they love or hate dogs


From Tennessee to Florida, people are tweeting their puppy love and doggie devotion. However, not all tweets are tail wags and puppy kisses—some states have more barks and bites in their online conversations. Using a key metric of positive sentiment, we've ranked each state to see where dogs are truly man's best-loved companion.


The top 3 Most Dog-Loving States

Dog Love in the Digits To measure the levels of dog adoration, we looked at "mentions per 100k" as a way to normalize the data across states with varying populations. We've tallied up expressions of canine affection and complaints—everything from loving shout-outs to peeves about barking or leashing issues.

Let's take a walk through the data. Below is a table that lists the top-25 most dog-loving states, ordered by their positive sentiment percentages.

State Dog Love Mentions per 100k Dog Complaints per 100k Positive Sentiment %
Tennessee 78 2 97.5
Kentucky 112 4 96.55
Virginia 82 4 95.35
North Dakota 121 6 95.28
Alaska 242 12 95.28
Hawaii 79 4 95.18
Ohio 36 2 94.74
Arkansas 70 4 94.59
Wyoming 147 9 94.23
Louisiana 45 3 93.75
New Hampshire 103 7 93.64
Connecticut 71 5 93.42
Montana 141 10 93.38
Utah 28 2 93.33
Missouri 68 5 93.15
New Mexico 228 17 93.06
Oklahoma 65 5 92.86
New Jersey 38 3 92.68
West Virginia 86 7 92.47
Vermont 277 23 92.33
Arizona 60 5 92.31
Mississippi 59 5 92.19
California 59 5 92.19
North Carolina 117 10 92.13
Maine 261 23 91.9

This tail-wagging tally gives us a clear view of where dogs are not just pets, but family. Stay tuned as we take a closer look at each state's love for their canine companions.

1. Tennessee

Tennessee tops our list as the state with the most dog love, according to social media sentiment. Key stats show that out of every 100,000 mentions, there are 78 that combine dogs or puppies with love. This dwarfs the mere 2 mentions of negative behaviors like barking loudly, being aggressive, off-leash incidents, biting, or the unfortunate event of stepping in poop. This gives Tennessee an impressive Total Positive sentiment of 97.5%.

list-item-stat-twitter Tennessee (metric: 97.5% positive sentiment) - The Most (and Least) Dog-Loving States infographic list-item-stat

The Volunteer State's affection for canines is further cemented by tweets from residents like @KyleStanford10, who humorously notes, "Leave the barking to my puppy but she doesn’t bite." Meanwhile, @BoCamaro shares a simple but powerful testament: "Fact. I love'm all. I am a dog dude."

In 2023, the people of Tennessee have spoken: their four-legged friends are much more than pets; they're a source of joy and love. With nearly unanimous positive sentiment, it's clear that in Tennessee, dogs are truly part of the family.

2. Kentucky

list-item-stat-twitter Kentucky (metric: 96.55% positive sentiment) - The Most (and Least) Dog-Loving States infographic list-item-stat

Kentucky stands out as a state where love for dogs is clearly expressed on social media. Our research shows that for every 100,000 mentions, 112 are about the love for dogs, puppies, or both. It's a state where people aren't just talking about their pets; they're celebrating them.

When it comes to the less favorable aspects of dog ownership—like barking, aggression, or leash problems—mentions are notably low, at just 4 per 100,000. This suggests that Kentuckians either experience fewer negative incidents with dogs or they choose to focus on the positive aspects of dog ownership.

The total positive sentiment toward dogs in Kentucky is remarkably high at 96.55%. This metric is a strong indicator of the affection Kentuckians have for their canine companions. For example, one dog lover from Kentucky shared their affection with a simple yet impactful message, "Best. Dog. Evah. the only Boston I’ll ever [love 😉]. #LetEmKnow" . It's this kind of enthusiasm that places Kentucky near the top of the list for dog-loving states.

3. Virginia

In Virginia, the affection for dogs is clear. Tweets mentioning love for dogs, puppies, and the joy they bring to people's lives are plentiful. With 82 mentions of love per 100k related to our furry friends, it's evident that Virginians hold their pets in high regard. Notably, the state's positive sentiment towards dogs stands at a significant 95.35%.

list-item-stat-twitter Virginia (metric: 95.35% positive sentiment) - The Most (and Least) Dog-Loving States infographic list-item-stat

Negative incidents such as barking, aggression, or mishaps during walks are far less common in the conversation, with only 4 mentions per 100k. This low rate of negative mentions suggests that Virginians are not only affectionate but also responsible dog owners. The care and training Virginia's dog owners provide likely contribute to the positive experiences shared online.

Social media posts support this data, with heartwarming stories such as "Here’s a tail-wagging tale about two D🐶Gs in L❤️VE," from Chesterfield, Virginia . These insights into the state's dog culture reflect the harmonious relationship between Virginians and their canine companions.

Least dog-loving states

Our data-driven journey takes us to the other end of the spectrum where the bark is louder than the love for man's best friend. What makes a state less dog-loving, you might ask? It's a combination of complaints about our four-legged pals and a lower percentage of positive sentiment towards them.


top-3-list-dogs-worst least dog loving states (metric: x% positive sentiment) - The Most (and Least) Dog-Loving States infographic top-3-list

In Florida, despite a high volume of dog love mentions at 116 per 100k, it's the 22 complaints per 100k about issues like barking, aggression, and leash problems that pull down the positive sentiment to 84.06%. A Floridian tweet illustrates this sentiment: "Never been bit by the 'most aggressive' dog breed...labs are literally supposed to be the sweetest dogs in the world" . Colorado follows, with 111 dog love mentions per 100k, but 20 complaints per 100k bring its positive sentiment down to 84.73%. A Colorado tweet reads: "People absolutely LOVE dogs here" , yet the numbers suggest there's more to the story. And in Idaho, the love mentions drop to 66 per 100k, and with 11 complaints per 100k, their positive sentiment stands at 85.71%.

Let's keep this simple and clear: a state's love for dogs isn't just about the number of times they're mentioned with affection. It's equally influenced by the day-to-day interactions, both sweet and sour, that people experience and talk about. Here's a succinct table of the top-25 least dog-loving states, ranked by their positive sentiment percentage.

State Dog Love Mentions per 100k Dog Complaints per 100k Positive Sentiment %
Texas 116 22 84.06%
New York 111 20 84.73%
Delaware 66 11 85.71%
Nebraska 36 6 85.71%
Nevada 109 17 86.51%
Indiana 71 11 86.59%
South Dakota 61 9 87.14%
Kansas 42 6 87.5%
Alabama 57 8 87.69%
Minnesota 66 9 88.0%
Michigan 81 11 88.04%
Pennsylvania 59 8 88.06%
Georgia 79 10 88.76%
Wisconsin 64 8 88.89%
Maryland 41 5 89.13%
Illinois 42 5 89.36%
Iowa 78 9 89.66%
Massachusetts 112 12 90.32%
Rhode Island 103 11 90.35%
Oregon 48 5 90.57%
South Carolina 83 8 91.21%
Washington 65 6 91.55%
Idaho 325 30 91.55%
Colorado 120 11 91.6%
Florida 90 8 91.84%







Each state's character is unique, and while these numbers provide a snapshot, the full picture of a state's dog-loving nature is as complex and varied as the people and pups themselves.

1. Florida

Florida shows a strong affinity for dogs, with 116 mentions per 100k for expressions of love towards dogs. However, it also has a higher number of negative sentiments related to dogs, with 22 mentions per 100k involving complaints about barking, aggression, or other issues.

list-item-stat-twitter Florida (metric: 84.06% positive sentiment) - The Most (and Least) Dog-Loving States infographic list-item-stat

Despite the sunny beaches and dog-friendly parks, the Total Positive sentiment in Florida is 84.06%, which places it at the bottom of our list. It's clear that Floridians love their canine companions, but they also aren't shy about voicing the challenges that come with dog ownership.

Tweets from Floridians like _CourtenayLovee express surprise at the discrepancy between dog breed reputations and personal experiences. This sentiment reflects the complex relationship people have with dogs—breed stereotypes do not always match individual behavior. On the other end, RickParzych highlights the "Unconditional Love of a Dog," a common sentiment that underscores the positive experiences of dog owners.

In contrast to states like Tennessee and Kentucky, where the love for dogs seems almost universal, Florida's relationship with dogs is nuanced, encompassing both the joys and the occasional frustrations of pet ownership.

2. Colorado

Colorado shows a strong affinity for dogs, but not without its challenges. With 111 mentions of love for dogs per 100,000 tweets, it's clear that Coloradans have a special place in their hearts for their furry friends. Tweets like "People absolutely LOVE dogs here" from @sickafsid and "I lose count how many times I tell my dog I love her every day" by @stabler1313 exemplify the affection residents have for their pets.

list-item-stat-twitter Colorado (metric: 84.73% positive sentiment) - The Most (and Least) Dog-Loving States infographic list-item-stat

However, with 20 mentions related to challenges such as barking, aggression, or leash issues per 100k, there's a recognition of the realities that come with dog ownership. This balances the positive sentiment to a total of 84.73%, which, while still high, suggests that the love for dogs is occasionally tested by the less desirable aspects of pet care.

This sentiment is echoed in a tweet by @HiNikkiRex, who loves the beauty of Colorado but also misses the comfort of home and her dog. It's a reminder that even in a state with a strong dog-loving culture, there are complexities in the human-dog relationship. Colorado's ranking indicates a vibrant dog-loving community that also acknowledges the responsibilities and challenges of dog ownership.

3. Idaho

Idaho shows a mixed relationship with our canine companions. In the realm of affection, tweets mentioning love in connection with dogs or puppies stand at 66 per 100k, signifying a warm spot for pets among Idahoans. However, when we look at concerns expressed about dogs, such as loud barking, aggression, or incidents of bites, the mentions rise to 11 per 100k. This suggests that while love for dogs is present, there's an awareness of canine-related issues that can't be ignored.

list-item-stat-twitter Idaho (metric: 85.71% positive sentiment) - The Most (and Least) Dog-Loving States infographic list-item-stat

The key metric of total positive sentiment is at 85.71%. This figure is quite telling; it points to a generally positive view of dogs in the state, but it's not without its reservations. The Twitter discourse in Idaho reflects this duality, like the tweet by @NWarrior78 that shows the personal comfort dogs can provide, starkly contrasting with the concerns raised by @ohhthatsrich about the potential for dogs to cause harm.

In short, Idaho's place on this list indicates a love for dogs that's colored by a realistic understanding of the responsibilities and potential challenges that come with pet ownership. It's a love that's strong, yet tempered by practical considerations, reflecting a community that cherishes its pets while staying mindful of safety and etiquette.


To uncover the most and least dog-loving states, we've taken a data-driven approach. We collected geo-tagged tweets from across the United States, focusing on the frequency and sentiment of dog-related conversations. The tweets included expressions of affection towards dogs, using terms like "love" in conjunction with "dog," "dogs," or "puppy," as well as complaints about dogs, such as instances of barking, aggression, or leash issues.

For instance, a tweet from a user in Florida (@TrumpstersDump) suggests that animals, including dogs, have an innate sense of people's character. This type of tweet contributes to the positive sentiment score. On the other hand, a tweet from Colorado (@sickafsid) simply expresses love for dogs, enhancing the state's positive sentiment in our analysis. We also considered tweets like the one from Virginia (@coleman_peanut), praising the divided opinions on dogs' love for hoses.

Our sentiment analysis involved categorizing tweets as positive or negative based on their content. By comparing the volume of positive tweets about dogs to the frequency of specific dog-related complaints, we could gauge the overall sentiment towards dogs in each state. This approach provided us with a key metric: the percentage of positive sentiment.

top-10-table most dog loving states (metric: x% positive sentiment) - The Most (and Least) Dog-Loving States infographic top-10-table

The final rankings are a reflection of this metric, with higher percentages indicating a greater love for dogs. The total positive sentiment is not solely about the absence of complaints but also the presence of positive narratives around dogs. By analyzing social media data, we've painted a picture of how communities across the country celebrate and sometimes grumble about their four-legged friends. Our findings offer a unique glimpse into America's relationship with dogs in the digital age.

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