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Team Up With Your Furry Friend for January's 'Walk Your Pet' Month


Beat the boredom of winter and embrace Mother Nature with your snubbie! January is 'Walk Your Pet' month and it's the perfect opportunity for you and your dog to reconnect through some quality time spent outdoors enjoying the scenery.

Here are a few benefits to taking advantage of ‘Walk Your Pet’ month with your snub-nosed dog.

New Experiences

Have you fallen into a rut as far as daily walks are concerned? Spice it up by changing routes. Remember your dog loves new experiences - and that includes sights, sounds, and especially smells, a new route can be a whole new world full of mental stimulation. And it increases the quality of your bonding time. And don't neglect that weekly trip to the dog-friendly park. Excursions like these lead to a happier and healthier hound. Don't forget toys like a dog-friendly Frisbee or a ball - snub-nosed dogs also like 'fetch' games.

Mental Wellness

Your fun outings during 'Walk Your Pet' month help to reduce stress. There's nothing like some brisk winter air and exercise - both have been proven to help de-stress humans - and dogs are no different. This de-stressing can also help to control bad behavior (such as destructive behavior caused by stress). 

Weight Management

Brachycephalic dogs are more prone to weight gain since they typically have reduced activity levels due to their breathing difficulties. This often leads to obesity-related illnesses that can shorten their lifespan and lessen their quality of life. Getting a healthy dose of exercise and exploration is always a great way to keep your snubbie’s weight in check. During your outings, keep that walk within the boundaries of what is healthy, or even possible for your snub-nosed buddy. They love exercise and being outdoors, but are not high-endurance pets, or built for jogging or extended marathon walks in the wilderness. 

Go get dressed in warm coats and boots for you and your dog and head out for that walk. It will benefit both of you!

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